The Only Real Way To Rank Your Blog Posts: Stop Gaming the System and Start Providing Value

google is smartIf you’re trying to figure out how to rank your blog posts, I have a secret for you: the answer is way simpler than you’d ever imagine.

What is it? Stop trying to rank your blog posts.

I know that sounds counterintuitive, but allow me to explain…

Google Is Smarter Than You

The first thing to realize is that no matter how brilliant you think you are, or how amazing your new strategy to beat the search algorithms and come up with a foolproof way to rank your blog, it’s probably not going to work for the long term.

Sure, it might work now, for a few weeks or a few months, but you’ll be toast as soon as the next update comes rolling along.

That’s because like it or not, Google is way smarter than you are. You can spend years study trends in search data, and even write your own algorithms to crawl data and output some neat little analysis, but I guarantee you its nothing compared to what Google has access to.

So, don’t even bother trying, you’ll just get penalized in the long run, and that’s not a business I’d want to run.

Read more basics on how SEO works here.

There’s also a great, entertaining video you should watch here, which I think is the real truth about how google works:

Real People Equals Real Results

The second point to consider is that even if you were to game the algorithms for a little while and magically pop up at the top of search, that alone isn’t going to get you the results you need.

That’s because real results, and real conversions, don’t come from algorithms. They come from people.

If you can get real people to naturally interact with your website and share your content, you’ll be eons ahead of anyone working solely with algorithmic gimmicks.

Not only that, but its the real people who are going to be the ones you can convert. They’re the ones that will make a purchase, and give you good reviews, and spread the word about your product.

So if you want to rank your blog posts, the answer is simple: focus on real people.

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