Why Blog Marketing Is An Essential Part of Your Social Media Strategy

social media blog strategyOne of the most common mistakes that many small business owners and new internet marketers make is to separate their blog marketing strategy from their social media strategy.

This is an easy thing to do because, really, a blog isn’t generally part of your social media network. But it does link through to your social media accounts, and your social media accounts do link back to your blog…or at least they should.

In this post I’ll cover why social media and blog strategies are so intertwined.

Your Social Media Needs Clear Calls To Action

The first reason that your blog should be included as part of your social media strategy is because your social plan needs to include clear calls to action for your reader.

You can’t simply put up a picture of a smiling puppy and think people will buy your product (unless, of course, you’re selling puppies…). And, it’s not always clear that getting new Facebook likes or Twitter followers directly relates to new customer acquisition, even if they are long term assets.

Your blog provides a good gateway to get people off social media channels and onto your site.

You Can’t Really Sell Through Social Media

The second, albeit related point is that you can’t really sell your product through social media, and you can through your blog. Thus, it’s common to structure your social media calls to action as an attempt to get readers onto your blog, and then use your blog as a gateway to the rest of your site, which has your product promotions.

That’s because going straight from social to sales usually fails, while having a relevant blog article linking the two can actually increase customer attention, build trust, and improve conversion rates significantly.

Your Blog Needs a Megaphone

Finally, it’s important to link your blog into your social strategy because blog posts, by themselves, don’t get read. Many new marketers think that they can produce content for that blog and, because their content is – of course – absolutely incredible and awesome content that everyone in the world will want to read, that the content will naturally filter its way around the internet, get shared, read, and rank in search.

The reality is far different. Most successful blogs have clearly designed promotional strategies for each and every blog post that they produce. Having your social media plan integrate with your blog schedule helps to give your blog the megaphone it desperately needs.

Not only are your social media followers more likely to read your blog than the average Joe, but they’re also the springboard for sharing posts, and helping you create the viral distribution everyone hopes for.

So, the next time you think about your blog strategy, be sure to think about social media, and vice versa. That’s how you become successful with blog marketing.

For more information and a great lsit of social marketing blogs to follow, click here.

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