About Zigyasu

Ok, so you might be wondering: just what the hell is this “Zigyasu” thing?

You might even have developed a few theories about what the name stands for, and what it means. Well, you know how it goes:you’re zig-zagging around when you see your friend Sue, who speaks Spanish, so you say “Ya” to her.


Ok, maybe not. Well, the truth is that the name means absolutely nothing! It’s just fun.

This site is my personal blog, and is all about how I use blog marketing to make a real living online. I’ll post real, interested, and (hopefully) relevant and (god forbid) insightful content, all while having a bit of fun and ocassionally some nonsense.

If you don’t believe me, just watch this video of a lion fighting a cobra:

Then check out my posts to learn how to do blog marketing correctly.

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