How To Rank in Organic Search

how to do content marketingIn my view, there’s only one real way to complete dominate organic search rankings: content marketing.

This technique goes above and beyond anything else you might do in terms of on page or off page SEO, and is the single most effective long term marketing strategy I’ve ever seen.

Here’s why:

It’s All About Value

I see the strengths of content marketing in terms of 3 key pillars. The first is value.

The fact is, everything is about the value that you can provide. Search engines are absolutely desperate to provide the best possible results for their users.

If your site has high quality content that actually is the best for your topic, then in the long run, you’re going to win.

It really is that simple, but a few amazing posts here and there won’t do the trick by themselves. You can see a newbie reference guide straight from the lion’s mouth, with this Google SEO starter guide.

Finding Infinite Customers

That’s where the second pillar comes in. Content marketing is a way to find a nearly infinite supply of customers, when used with an appropriate and well-designed long tail strategy.

The trick lies in your ability to come up with hundreds, and even thousands of variations on your main topic, and create valuable content for each of those variations.

If you don’t understand why or how this works, you need to learn right now. The point is: you can have as many readers, and as many customers as you’re willing to put in the time and effort to get.

Meeting Exact Needs

The reason you can have an infinite supply of customers, is because content marketing gives you the unique ability to meet very, very specific needs.

Because of the way the long tail works, you can know exactly what your customer is looking for, and have a pretty good idea of what he’s thinking as he’s doing so.

That means you can create custom-tailored content that is going to give you an immense edge in gaining the trust of that user and giving you the opportunity for a sale.

When you put these three points together, you get an insanely powerful strategy that can skyrocket any business to the top of Google, and help you dominate organic search rankings.

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